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Written by superuser
November 24, 2021

Are Parlays Worth The Risk?   Parlay bets can be built using as few as two wagers or as many as fifteen. Parlays can consist of virtually any type of bet – moneyline, point spread, or totals. There are sportsbooks out there that will also allow player prop bets as part of a parlay. Combining multiple bets into one has its advantages. The biggest, of course, is the payout. A typical standard wager on the point spread will come with -110 odds. Combining two games as a parlay and betting on the spread in both results in a payout at +260. As you add more legs to the parlay, the potential to win more increases. This is the draw and why bettors... 

Written by superuser
November 4, 2021

  Do you like money, what about the thought of big money? We all want to earn a fantastic living and better yet, we want to earn that living by doing what we love. If you are a local bookie that’s looking for a chance to move things in the right direction, then look no further than the pay per head. What the PPH has to offer is a unique opportunity that includes a FREE gaming website that will be custom-built to your specifications, in a day or two. This will not take weeks or months, this will be quick, and you will not be obligated to pay one dime for it. That’s right, the best PPH providers on the internet are now offering local bookies...