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Alex Smart Sports- NHL Game 7 Moneyline Power Play

The Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers go head to head in their do or die Game 7 Stanley Cup Finale. Which team has the edge? Your answer is locked and loaded and ready to make the books pay for taking our action. Puck drops after 8:20 pm et 

*Oilers/Panthers* - Dustin's NHL 10 DIME DOMINATOR!

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I've gone on a 402-327 (55%) RUN in NHL and I look to continue that success here tonight.

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Get ready to STASH SOME CASH Monday with another one of my DOMINATOR plays!

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ON FIRE!  Al McMordie's on a RED-HOT 38-16 RUN after cashing the Las Vegas Aces on Friday night.  Now, for Monday's NHL GAME 7 between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers, Big Al's going to cap off a GREAT hockey season with a HUGE play.  It's Big Al's NHL Total of the Year!  Don't miss out on the ICE COLD CASH.  Get on board right now.

Ryan's Monday NHL Money Line on Oilers v. Panthers *70-51 Run*!

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John Ryan's proven algorithm has identified a ROCK SOLID winner tonight with his Money Line on Oilers v. Panthers! Currently 70-51 (58%) over his last 121 NHL picks! $1,000/game bettors have made $32,170 since November 20, 2023 by following his advice!

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**GUARANTEED** King's Mon NHL Cash on Oilers/Panthers!

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The King of the Ice knows how to bet hockey and his 32-21 (60%) run over his last 53 NHL picks proves it!

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NHL BLACK OUT on Oilers v. Panthers! (100% GUARANTEED!)


STREAKING 282-236 (54%) his last 536 NHL picks!

Timothy Black has been helping clients beat the NHL betting lines for over 20 years! You can't get this kind of expertise to help you beat your book anywhere else!

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IRON MIKE has been putting an ABSOLUTE BEATING on the bookmakers!

Mike's run continues tonight and you aren't going to want to miss out.

He has the moneyline of the Oilers v. Panthers game NAILED DOWN tonight and YOU CAN TOO for only $29.99!

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All of Mike's NHL ...



On Monday Dont make a MOVE in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals until you Learn of the 14-0 HISTORICAL SYSTEM That Rob has in this game. The Play is backed with a Comprehensive analysis and the data since 1950 is INCLUDED. Jump on the MOST POWERFUL PLAY ON THE SITE TONIGHT as Rob puts your book on Ice one last time.

NHL SCF GAME 7 ** TOTAL OF THE MONTH** >> 30-15 +$16.4K RUN!

1-3 yesterday. 30-15 (+$16.4K for $1K bettors) last 45 NHL plays. This is it! Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final goes on Monday night in Sunrise and Sean says the total is the way to go in this ultimate showdown! Don't miss out as Murph extends his RED HOT 71-52 NHL big ticket run (+$12.6K for $1K bettors) with his Total of the Month for June right here!

Game of the Year (NHL) - Schule's 12-2 (86%) Top Total Run Tested!

**WARNING** Schule's NHL plays are known to cause increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Playing these on a regular basis can result in an increase of disposable cash and can cause your bankroll to swell uncontrollably. It is not recommended to participate in these wagers if you have any allergic reactions to COLD HARD CASH!

Lock Club's Monday NHL Winner on Oilers v. Panthers!

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Rocky's Lock Club is on an impressive 1009-849 (54%) run over his last 1914 OVERALL picks! Lock Club is one of the MOST CONSISTENT sports services in the world and has won $1,000/game bettors $79,820 since April 17, 2011. Tonight they have the Total on Oilers v. Panthers!

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David's Top-rated Stanley Cup Finals *GAME OF THE YEAR*

This exclusive package includes Marc David Sports' coveted 5% Stanley Cup *GAME OF THE YEAR*! Don't miss out on this high-stakes bet designed to maximize your chances of winning. Get ready to take your bankroll to new heights and make tonight's epic showdown even more exciting!

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Mike Lundin is on an 8-3 (73%) RUN with his TOP-RATED NHL TOTALS, and he's all set to close out the NHL season with a BIG WINNER on Game 7 of the NHL finals Monday night. 

The package is GUARANTEED TO SHOW A PROFIT or Mike's next NHL card will be added to your account FREE of charge.

Michael's Monday NHL Play on Oilers v. Panthers *1263-1096 Run*!

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Michael has been laying low with his NHL selections during the playoffs but tonight that all changes with his EASY WINNER in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals!  Join him as he CASHES in with this side selection!  "Guys, there is no doubt about this one, but it might not be who you think......GUARANTEED


AAA Sports was 2-1 on Sunday and now they prepare their clients for a PERFECT SWEEP here on Monday to open up the new week! Renowned for their ability to produce incredible all-sports winning streaks, there's STILL time to get involved with this one!

100* NHL Game of the Night!!

Nobody and I mean NOBODY DOMINATES NHL like Bobby does and he is LOCKED and LOADED to do so again on Monday!

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20* Oilers/Panthers NHL Sharp Money Premium Play **% L NHL**

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Steve Janus is a proven expert in the NHL!

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to build your bankroll with Steve's Oilers/Panthers NHL Sharp Money Top Play ($34.95)!

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Game of the Year (NHL) - Ricky's +$10,240 Top NHL Sides Run Tested!

***BIG BET ALERT*** - Ricky is a RED HOT 39-23 (63%) +$10,240 last 62 Top NHL sides! He steps up to the plate on Monday with his TOP SIDE in Game 7. This signature Top Side will be his BEST BET of the Year in the Stanley Cup Finals. Sharp bettors will consider a weekly/monthly subscription.