Fast Money

Written by superuser | November 4, 2021


Do you like money, what about the thought of big money? We all want to earn a fantastic living and better yet, we want to earn that living by doing what we love. If you are a local bookie that’s looking for a chance to move things in the right direction, then look no further than the pay per head. What the PPH has to offer is a unique opportunity that includes a FREE gaming website that will be custom-built to your specifications, in a day or two. This will not take weeks or months, this will be quick, and you will not be obligated to pay one dime for it. That’s right, the best PPH providers on the internet are now offering local bookies a chance to take their business online and finally give their clients what they have been asking for. Your clients want to bet on every sport known to man and when there are no sports to bet on, they want to bet in the casino or the racebook. Give it to them! If you care about money, give it to them. Now you can and it’s affordable, quick, and easy.


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  • The online sportsbooks of today have come a long way since the early days of the online sportsbook world—the early 1990’s.


  • Pay Per Head services have come along and made the corner bookies job much easier. There once was a day when life as a local bookie was a hassle to say the least. There was no such thing as Pay per Head software, or any kind of online Pay Per Head betting platform.


  • There are now many online Pay Per Head providers that offer an all-inclusive, online sportsbook, race-book, and online casino. Think of this in terms of “one-stop shopping.”


  • After signing up for a Pay Per Head service, (the reputable ones) Be sure to conduct an online search, read the Pay Per Head reviews and learn who can be trusted and who has built a great reputation. After signing up, the bookie can be up and running the business within a day and/or even sooner. Remember, this is a turnkey, online sportsbook, and casino (if you choose to operate a casino).


  • Accounting services – The Pay Per Head does all the accounting for the bookie. They crunch all the player numbers, they keep track of all the revenue (money in, money out). The bookie has access to on-demand reports, 24/7.


  • Free customer support for both the bookie and the player/client. This service comes with a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the United States and features English speaking agents that are product knowledgeable.


  • A fantastic wagering interface that features all the most-bet-on sporting events from around the world, as well as a top-notch wagering menu that features Las Vegas style sports betting-with the many sports betting options.


  • A state of the art, Las Vegas style casino with an equally impressive horse book that comes loaded with more than 70 of the world-famous tracks.


  • Preset lines and odds that come to you daily, even better yet; the bookie has control. The bookie can change the numbers at any time. This is the bookies business and the Pay Per Head provider sees it that way.