Football is Back and We Got Yours

Written by superuser | August 6, 2022

Football is back! Get excited.

Key Points

– Football bettors go offshore for a variety of reasons including the better selection of wagers.

– There is no better user experience than using an offshore sportsbook this football season.

Football is Back and We Got Yours

Football is back and better than ever as both the college football and NFL seasons will get underway very shortly.

As college and pro teams head to their respective training camps to prepare for the upcoming season, bettors should do the same. Betting on football is the most popular of all sports and sportsbooks know that. That’s why they began their preparations for the upcoming season long ago.

Part of a bettor’s preparation for the new season should be looking at offshore sportsbooks and the advantages they offer to bettors.

Why Go Offshore

With the rise of sports betting in the U.S., there are now a number of on-shore sportsbooks from which to choose. So, why would a bettor want to do business with an offshore operation?

There are plenty of good reasons and we’ll break each one down. Offshore sportsbooks offer sports bettors a complete gaming experience that features the following:

  • Sports betting opportunities as well as casino games, horse racing odds, and more

  • The widest variety of betting options

  • The best odds and lines across all sports and bets

  • Better bonuses and incentives

  • Outstanding user experience

Offshore Sportsbook Betting Options

No sportsbook can rival one that is offshore in its offering of betting opportunities. With the college and NFL football seasons approaching, offshore sportsbooks will provide bettors with the most betting options.

Moneyline, point spread, and totals bets are always part of the selection, but for the biggest selection of alternative markets, team and player props, and other specials the best place to find them is offshore.

The great thing about an offshore sportsbook is that not only will you find more betting options during football season, but when the season ends you’ll have the ability to bet on other sports as well as play casino games, bet on horses, and more.

Having better knowledge of betting markets will help your overall strategy. It will make a difference how to prepare for betting football.

The Best Odds are Offshore

In the industry, bettors will find the best lines and odds on football games at offshore sportsbooks. Smarter bettors will tell you. They have shopped enough for the best lines and odds to know that they are found offshore. Using various betting lines will help you when middling bets.

Offshore sportsbooks are not tied down by government regulation and taxation. That allows them to operate more freely without the worries of expensive overhead. The result is that an offshore sportsbook is much more likely to pass savings onto the customer – that’s you!

Some of the savings can be passed on as better odds and lines. Bettors might find the Chiefs as a -3 favorite at -110 odds. They like the Chiefs, but they can go offshore and save a little when they find Kansas City at -3 and -105 odds.

These savings are one of the biggest reasons why football bettors continue to do their sports betting business offshore.

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The Bonuses – When Football is Back

The other way that offshore sportsbooks pass on savings to their customers is through the use of some healthy bonuses and promotions. Without the heavy burden of taxes or licensing and application fees, offshore sportsbooks are free to spend a little bit more to operate their business.

Offshore books are well-known for having some of the best welcome bonuses in the industry. It’s common to find sign-up bonuses where a sportsbook will match a customer’s initial deposit up to $500 or $1000. The bonuses don’t stop there either.

It often seems like offshore operations offer free money to its customers and prospective customers. There are generous reload bonuses as well as any number of contests, loyalty programs, and other VIP type programs all designed with the sports bettor in mind.

The Experience

Speaking of experience, offshore sportsbooks have been doing what they do for decades. For many in the U.S., there was no other alternative than to go offshore to find betting action. Offshore bookies got really good at catering to their customers. The bottomline is that you get the complete gaming experience when you bet offshore.

They learned throughout the years that the overall experience is important. Because bettors go online to take care of the majority of their betting business, the user experience had to be easy. Slow transmission speeds or unattractive web pages had to be avoided as they would affect the customer experience.

Offshore sportsbooks have always been the leader in defining the user experience. They have developed the best technology in the industry and continue to provide the best overall customer experience.

The experience, the incentives, the lines and odds, and the huge number of betting choices are all reasons why football bettors will go offshore this season. With football back and better than ever, going offshore can lead to much success!