Live Betting the NBA

Written by superuser | February 14, 2022

Live Betting the NBA


Is live betting the NBA part of your wagering strategy?

Key Points

  • Live betting NBA games is becoming increasingly popular as bettors can now wager on action they can see in real time.
  • Success in live betting NBA games requires some work on the part of the bettor.

Betting on NBA games is fun, exciting, and extremely popular. There are a number of markets from which to choose and tons of opportunity to find value on full-game and futures bets.

The latest trend though is live betting the NBA. With the massive increase in the number of U.S. states that now allow sports betting, live betting has increased exponentially.

Bettors can find that most any sportsbook they choose now will offer some sort of live betting. So, how can bettors get in on the action and have some success?

Choose Your Sportsbook Wisely

Just as you would for any of your wagers, choose the best sportsbook that offers what you are looking for in terms of live betting.

Make sure it offers the markets you want. Do the homework to ensure things like the user interface, deposit/withdrawals, etc. have earned good reviews. You’ll want a mobile website or mobile app that is easy to navigate. When live betting, you often don’t have a lot of time to make a decision and need to take action quickly.

You might also find some outstanding bonuses and incentives to take advantage of. Choose your live betting sportsbook wisely.

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The Eye Test

When live betting an NBA game, it’s likely a bettor has done some pregame homework. That said, always trust what you see as you watch the game.

If a team played the night before and they now look sluggish, that is information you can use to bet the next quarter spread or half.

Maybe a team has missed eight straight three-pointers and they’re only 4-of-12 for the game. They hit their next three and you feel like the only way to go is up. Use that information to place your next in-game wager.

The bottom line is that bettors should trust their eyes as they watch the game in which they are live betting.

Bet During Breaks

NBA games can be fast and furious. Imagine two teams that play at the fastest pace in the NBA that are also among the leaders in scoring. The action can be frenetic. It’s hard to keep up.

But, there are breaks in the action. There are television timeouts. Use these breaks to your advantage. NBA bettors can take a minute to check shooting stats, who is in foul trouble, or any other statistic that may give them an edge in making a live betting decision.

Making a bet during a break is also a good idea. That lessens the likelihood of making a hasty decision while under pressure during the pace of game play.

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