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Written by superuser
August 21, 2018

Super Bowl 2019: Who to Bet   So far so good, or so predictable, should we should say, in the early going of this 2018 NFL season. Yes, it is just the preseason and what happens now is really nothing more than practice. Having said that, on some level the preseason does matter. What happens now can stay with a team throughout the season and if week two of the preseason is an indicator, then we think we have a couple of great picks for season futures. Check with your bookie and find the odds to win the Super Bowl.   Odds That Look Like a Great Buy:   The New England Patriots do not screw around, and this year is already no exception.... 

Written by superuser
August 8, 2018

Betting Baseball Down the Stretch   When it comes to how many games are left in the season, we are in the home stretch of what has turned out to be one of the better baseball season in a long time. There are many tight races and none better than the National League West and the National League East, the Central is a fun one as well between the Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers. Having said all of that; there is a lot of baseball left! The baseball season is so long that it is really played in quarters. Think of it as 4 quarters of 40 games. This season is close to the 40 games mark, we are close to the 4th quarter. Who will stay steady and not...