How to Win Betting on March Madness

Written by superuser | March 16, 2023

How to Win Betting on March Madness

How to win betting on March Madness.

Key Points

– Understanding how betting lines are influenced is one of the ways to have success betting on March Madness.

– Bettors can use a few key statistics to help them handicap March Madness games.

How to Win Betting on March Madness

It’s the largest, best, and most entertaining sporting event of the year for many sports fans and bettors. March Madness brings us 67 college basketball games over the course of a month to determine the sport’s national champion.

The NCAA Tournament is one of the most intriguing and lucrative events in the betting world. It provides excitement and a high probability of upsets. Over the first weekend of the tournament, 48 games are played which represents thousands and thousands of betting opportunities.

If you want to have success betting on March Madness and avoid common March Madness bracket mistakes, you need to know where to look. Here are a few tips to help you on your quest.

Public Betting Influences Lines

Keep in mind that betting lines in the NCAA tournament are frequently influenced by public opinion. There will be an unusually high volume of wagers from casual bettors during the tournament. That will impact analyzing basketball betting lines.

The public prefers to bet on favorites, therefore the bookmakers will skew their odds. In most cases, the books will add 0.5 to 2.0 points in favor of the team they anticipate drawing the most interest.

If you are a smart college basketball bettor, you will be aware of this. You will also understand how to take advantage.

Betting on March Madness Key – Defense

Everybody loves offense and you’ll see that in highlights of all the tournament games. However, it’s a team’s defense that usually determines its performance on the court and at the betting window.

The best defensive teams in the country will usually advance farther in the tournament. Teams with talented athletes who can adapt should be targeted. Look for season statistics on forced turnovers, average points per game allowed, and defensive field goal percentage.

Do not rely only on the stats. Be sure to consider the caliber of opposition that the team will face when betting on March Madness. When you’re having issues making decisions on games, it doesn’t hurt to buy sports picks for better results. A handicapper can help you have more success betting on the NCAA tournament.


Rebounding goes hand in hand with a team’s defensive effort. Basketball teams will perform well in the tournament if they can grab the ball off the boards and limit their opponents’ second chances.

On the other side of the court, these teams will generate opportunities for second chances with offensive rebounds. These teams also tend to shoot more free throws, which is another plus. Consider the season-long rebounding margin and bet on teams that are strong on the glass.

Rebounding matters in the NBA too. Here are more NBA betting trends to watch when you go back to betting on the pros.

Balance Over Stars

Teams that rely on one or two stars often fail come tournament time. Teams that have balanced lineups often do better. Defenses can take away a star player. If a team doesn’t have other players that can step up, those teams often get beat.

It is much more difficult to defend a team with multiple double-digit scorers than it is to defend a team with one player averaging 30 points a game. Teams with depth can win even when their best player is having an off night.

Free Throw Percentage Trap

Free throw shooting is important, especially in the tournament. However, looking at team free throw shooting percentage should not be given too much weight. When betting on March Madness, bettors should focus on how top players perform at the line.

It’s like your sportsbook. You should have a top-performing online sportsbook that offers tons of bets, live betting, has great odds, and more.

Late in games, teams will want their best players going to the free throw line. A player’s individual free throw shooting percentage is more valuable than how the whole team shoots.

There have been teams with relatively low free throw shooting percentages that have advanced to the Final Four. That’s because their best players were excellent free throw shooters.

Betting on March Madness & 3-Pointers

While three-point shooting ability of NCAA basketball teams fluctuates, a better statistic to use when betting on March Madness is opponent three-point field goal percentage. Teams that defend the three-pointer typically perform better in the NCAA tournament.

The three-pointer has become a huge part of the college basketball offense. Teams that do not play good perimeter defense will give up too many three-pointers. A strong three-point defense can eliminate a good portion of an opponent’s scoring. That’s why it makes sense to look at three-point field goal defense before making a betting decision in the tournament.