Washington Wizards vs. New Orleans Pelicans Betting Preview

Written by superuser | August 7, 2020

Washington Wizards vs. New Orleans Pelicans Betting Preview



As two of the lowliest teams at the NBA’s Bubble, the Washington Wizards and New Orleans Pelicans have been anything but impressive. Washington is really a bottom-feeder team that ended up in the Bubble on a technicality (and were recently upended by the Charlotte Hornets, also, on a technicality).




The Pelicans, despite the vaunted re-showcase of Zion Williamson, have not really shown to be anything impressive other than a close, almost buzzer-beating win over the Utah Jazz at the end of their first game of the Bubble.


So why on earth would you be betting on this game?


Well, you’re a gambler, of course.


As bad as both of these teams have performed, there is a play on this game that is worth making. That is, if you’re satisfied with wagering more than one should on a game of such low magnitude.


Here are the angles you need to know when making your sports picks, and don’t worry, there aren’t that many.

Overs are Plentiful

Overs have been very generous in the NBA Bubble, and for both of these teams, betting the over in their recent contests has been a profitable wager.


The over, whatever the opening number is, may seem to be a no-brainer kind of play in this spot, but don’t be so confident.


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Remember, both teams have to score here, and if the Wizards’ effort has been any indication, they may very well give up and pack it home, especially hearing that the Hornets have surpassed them in the standings.


Such a result means that, psychologically, these guys may just be ready to move on and enjoy the offseason.


So with that in mind, it brings us to the best part of the article: The part where we tell you exactly what you should be betting.

Why the Best Bet is New Orleans and the Under

Don’t overthink this play. Yes, the Wizards basically have absolutely nothing to play for but pride, but for New Orleans, it is definitely the better team. While they’re mediocre, the Pelicans are by no means a worse option than the Wizards than themselves.


We strongly recommend playing this game as if it’s going to be a New Orleans beatdown, and no matter the number (it will probably be a tight one). Check the latest NBA odds.


The Wizards are primarily running their young guns, like Rui Hachimura and others, to get their legs stretched for full-time minutes. They know that this season is a wash, and given their unfortunate place as a bad treadmill team in a bad conference, they may get screwed out of a decent lottery pick.


All in all, it’s a very bad place if you’re a Wizards fan, but if you’re a bettor and you want to make some money, we strongly advise the Pelicans.


Williamson, who has not been 100 percent, will perform well. Unless he’s bizarrely capped minute-wise, expect him to make quick work of the Wizards. He has serious triple-double potential, and we’re not kidding.


We’ll take the Pelicans in a blowout: 107-89 over the wavering Washington Wizards.