Super Bowl 2019: Who to Bet

Written by superuser | August 21, 2018

Super Bowl 2019: Who to Bet


So far so good, or so predictable, should we should say, in the early going of this 2018 NFL season. Yes, it is just the preseason and what happens now is really nothing more than practice. Having said that, on some level the preseason does matter. What happens now can stay with a team throughout the season and if week two of the preseason is an indicator, then we think we have a couple of great picks for season futures. Check with your bookie and find the odds to win the Super Bowl.


Odds That Look Like a Great Buy:


The New England Patriots do not screw around, and this year is already no exception. Brady looks like his old self and Bill Belichick already has this team tuned up. This year will be the same. Look, the Jets improved their stock greatly when they picked Sam Darnold in the draft. They are a team that wants to get better and they are getting better but it’s not going to happen in a season. Rome was not built in a day for the Jets and neither was it for the Patriots. At 7/1 odds to win the Super Bowl, this is a great buy. Not only does Tom Brady look good, the entire team looks good. They are the Patriots and with or without Julian Edelman for the first four games; 7/1 is a bargain. Snap it up quickly. Call the bookie, lay it on the line, this is a solid pick. The Bills are the same old Bills and the Dolphins will fight them for the bottom of the pack.


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The Green Bay Packers look like the team of the century in the early going and a 51-34 beatdown over the Steelers helped this look, a whole lot! Again, don’t take your eye off of the ball, this is just preseason, and the Steelers were missing their star “Big Ben”. However, 14/1 could bring home a nice chunk of change in February. The only knock on the Packers is their defense. We all know what Rogers can do but does he have a supporting cast? He does have a supporting cast, with names like Matthews, Martinez and Randall. This team is going to be very good and they are a very good buy at 14/1. This just may be the Packers time to shine and Rogers is due.


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Jacksonville brings back a team that is hungry and at 20/1, there couldn’t be a better buy in the NFL. Are we saying the Jaguars are going to win the Super Bowl? No, we are not, neither are we saying that the Packers or the Patriots are going to win. This is a gamble and what you are doing is betting more than one team. You must bet more than one team if you want a real chance. The best handicappers in the world cant predict with a certainty that anyone team will win the Super Bowl. What you must do, is make a calculated guess based on knowledge. The Jaguars will find their sea legs and will be very difficult to beat in the division. Once in the playoffs anything can happen and at 14/1; a steal.


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The good news, you have a lot more teams to choose from that the three that we have outlined above. Make your picks carefully and invest for the future. Last season before the kickoff of game one, the Eagles were 50/1! You never know. This is not a one shot deal. When looking at the odds to win the Super Bowl you must choose a handful of great teams that really have a chance. Do not let the big numbers fool you. The Eagles were a big number, but had you handicapped, you would have realized how undervalued they really were. Find a great handicapping service and let them do the work for you. There is absolutely no need to go this alone. Have fun and good luck betting this season.