Betting Baseball Down the Stretch

Written by superuser | August 8, 2018

Betting Baseball Down the Stretch


When it comes to how many games are left in the season, we are in the home stretch of what has turned out to be one of the better baseball season in a long time. There are many tight races and none better than the National League West and the National League East, the Central is a fun one as well between the Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers. Having said all of that; there is a lot of baseball left! The baseball season is so long that it is really played in quarters. Think of it as 4 quarters of 40 games. This season is close to the 40 games mark, we are close to the 4th quarter. Who will stay steady and not give up the lead and who will come out of nowhere and surprise everyone? This is a great question that deserves a great answer! There is still time to get a great baseball bonus. This is the time of year that bookies are generous. Check out the possibilities.


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Who is lagging but still has hope?


The Oakland A’s do not really qualify as lagging behind because they are simply playing too well to be called lagging at anything. The way in which they have taken the American League West by storm is remarkable and an indication of possibly a couple of things. One, the division is this bad and the A’s are pretenders, or the division is this good and anybody is capable of winning; with exception of Texas of course! No offense Rangers fans but this is not your year. The Angels are out of this race as well. The Angels are a bitter disappointment, but a great “bet against” team. Consider the Angels when looking to bet against.


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The Oakland A’s are 5 games out of first place behind the Houston Astros and have won 7 of their last 10 games going into August 5th. Down the stretch for the month of August will be the most important stretch of baseball for this team in a very long time. The A’s have good hitting, solid pitching and great defense. They will most likely not catch up with the Astros, but they have a real shot. They are a motivated young squad and they are going to win many of he final 50.


The Rockies are also a team that is a sleeper and they really are not sleeping at all. They are full awake and banging the baseball. These guys know how to hit, and they know the fundamentals of the game. This team is well managed by skipper Bud Black and he gets the most out of his young talent. Look for the Rockies to also win will over.500 in the remaining 50 and very mush stay alive. The Rockies are just three games back of the Diamondbacks and they are surging.


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The best bet on the board as of now, has to be the Boston Red Sox. They are no doubt the best team in baseball and they show it nightly. This is not just a great team but it’s a great team to watch and an even better team to bet on. The Moneylines are high priced so stay away. The Sox are much more affordable on the runline as well as first and second half bets. Be sure to pay close attention to your bookies numbers on the first five innings and bet accordingly. The Red sox are even capable of setting an all time MLB record for most wins in a season, at 116. It wont be easy, but the possibility does exist.


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There close to 50 games left on the docket for each MLB team. Now is the time to take advantage of the betting lines because teams are playing for real now and some have really stepped up their game. Find a great bookie for the rest of the baseball season and the football season that is coming up and hopefully you will win a pile of cash. Have fun and good luck.