Consistent Winning Means Having More than One Sportsbook

Written by superuser | June 21, 2018

Consistent Winning Means Having More than One Sportsbook


Sports gambling is a hobby, a pastime, a fun thing to do, it is exciting and there is a thrill to it that is unequalled to anything. Gambling on sports is also an investment, it can be a retirement plan if you invest wisely. Sound crazy? Think again.


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There is no difference between gambling on sports and investing on Wall Street. Well, there is one difference, and it’s a glaring difference. The difference is a very big one that can mean everything and that is inside information. It is not illegal to gamble based on inside tips or insider information. No; we are not talking about knowing a sports personality personally and calling them up before game time and saying “hey KD, can you score less than 25 tonight, I have the prop line under!” This is not what we are saying. What insider information means in this case is the networks, the news sources and the internet. There is a wealth of information out there like never before and getting a read and a jump on how to gamble for profit has never been easier.


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Online bookies everywhere know that information is available, yet they choose to gamble with you, the gambler. They charge juice, and they can raise the price of game lines anytime they choose to do so. They are not stupid and most of them have paid researchers that do nothing but read the latest trends, and movement in all of betable sports.


You must take your investment seriously and you must be dialed into all of the trends and sports movement yourself. This is not an easy task. Ask yourself this question; if you were planning on investing in a stock but really did not know the best way to invest or the best move to make, would you go it alone or would you hire someone to help you? We all know the answer, of course you would hire a broker.


Your sportsbook is not your broker, they will not give you advice on how to beat them!


What they will do is give you “how to bet” advice. Go to your favorite online bookie service and look it up. They probably have a great section on “how to bet” several different sports. This can be a great tool and most helpful, us it, take their advice and use it.  Find a great game adviser site and rely on professional tips and gambling information.


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A successful and consistent sports gambler will always have more than one online sportsbook. If you want to win then you simply must have more than one bookie.


Advantages of having more than one online bookmaker:


  • Better lines and odds, you can scour the competition on any given night for any given event and find the best value for your money.
  • Live wagering, if you bet the entire game on one site and things start going south, you can always bet the game live on that same site and then jump over to another site and bet against yourself either for the remainder of the game or the live line. This is a huge advantage that comes with having more than one bookie, especially when playing the NFL and NCAA Football.
  • Bonuses, some bookies have great ones that you most definitely want to take advantage of and some do not. Use some books for cash and some for the bonus but you always want at least two bookies for cash. This way you always have the option of cashing out as soon as possible.




There are many more advantages to having more than one sportsbook than we can possibly list here so be sure to check out the reviews for great bookie services and game adviser sites and make the most of your sports gambling hobby. You’re in this because you love it but you’re also in this to win. So make it profitable and it will always be fun, no profits equal no fun.