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Hunter's EXCLUSIVE ALL SPORTS 5-for-1 Tuesday CASH!

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Yankees v. Rays
Nationals v. Astros
Georgia v. LSU
Nets v. Magic
Nevada v. Colorado State <...


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Black Widow's All-Inclusive Tuesday 8-Pack!

Black Widow is on a 18-11 All Sports run!

Nobody works harder to make sure his clients make money. Follow him Tuesday for winners on these games:

- Rangers/Diamondbacks
- Brewers/Angels
- Kentucky/Mississippi State
- Georgia/LSU
- Nets/Magic
- 76ers/Celtics
- Kings/Flames
- Penguins/Canucks

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The Info Plays team is prepared to TORCH THE BOARD with 5 Tuesday picks for our premium members. We have nailed down the advantages on the following:

Bari 1908 vs Catanzaro
Pittsburgh vs Clemson
Coyotes vs Canadiens
Jazz vs Hawks
Nevada vs Colorado State

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Bobby's 7-Pack of Winners for Tue!

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Rangers v. Diamondbacks
Brewers v. Angels
Akron v. Ohio
Coyotes v. Canadiens
Hurricanes v. Wild
NC State v. Florida State
Penguins v. Canucks

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**GUARANTEED** The King's All Sports COMPLETE Package! (Reduced Rate!)

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