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Larry's in his 39th year as a professional handicapper. Tuesday's doubleheader is highlighted by a 10* Situational Stunner (Situational Stunners are 9-3 since July 1) and a LV Insider (MLB Insiders 17-6 s/Jume 21).
Larry's Las Vega Insider (17-6 s/June 21)

It was more heartbreak for Larry on Monday with a 1-0 loss on Oakland. He's now in his 39th year as a professional handicapper (with the start of FB 2022) and it's "head down and keep plugging." Most think NFL with Larry's Las Vegas Insiders but his MLB Insiders are 17-6, 74% since June 21 and going back into 2021, are on a 59-28, 68% run. You in?

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Larry's 10* Situational Stunner: 9-3 s/July 1

It was more heartbreak for Larry on Monday with a 1-0 loss on Oakland. He's now in his 39th year as a professional handicapper (with the start of FB 2022) and it's "head down and keep plugging." Tuesday's doubleheader is highlighted by his latest Situational Stunner (Situational Stunners are 9-3 since July 1), which earns a top rating of 10*s. BATTER UP!

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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Aug 08, 2022
Angels vs A's
-115 at circa
Play Type: Top Premium

My 10* Division (AL West) Game of the Month is on the Oak A's at 9:40 ET.

The LA Angels were 77-85 in 2021 and the franchise's only World Series title came back in 2002. I'm sure it seems like even more than two decades ago to Angel fans, as the team has missed the postseason 11 times in the last 12 years. The Oakland A's began 2022 coming off their fourth consecutive winning season (85-76) but missed the playoffs in 2021, after playing in three consecutive postseasons (2018-2020). The two AL rivals open a three-game series Monday night in Oakland, with both teams "going nowhere" in 2022. The Angels never recovered from the team's 14-game losing streak from May 28-June 8, while the A's have been non-competitive since Opening Day. The A's took two of three in Anaheim to open last week (Aug 2-4) and hope to take this home series as well.

The starting pitching matchup is a 're-hook' from last Tuesday's game in Anaheim, when Jose Suarez (3-4, 4.55 ERA) outdueled Cole Irvin (6-8, 3.04 ERA). Suarez has made 13 appearances this season (11 starts) with the Angels going 5-6 in his starts. Irvin has made 19 starts this season (A's are just 7-12) but has really shown improvement from last season. He was 10-15 in 2021 with a 4.24 ERA, 1.33 WHIP and BAA of .275. He's cut his ERA to 3.04 here in 2022, while his WHIP is down to 1.06 and his BAA down to .220. Getting back to Suarez, he was 1-4 with a 5.60 ERA through July 16, before throwing 10.1 scoreless in his last two outings. That includes 5.1 scoreless innings in last Tuesday's 3-1 win over the A's (Irvin allowed two ERs over six innings).

I will note that Suarez's two previous starts saw him allow 10 ERs over 7.1 innings and I will back Irvin in this quick turnaround. I noted the overall improvement of Irvin's numbers above but add here that he's REALLY pitched well at home this season. He owns a road ERA of 4.58 and a BAA of .266 but in 10 home starts, his ERA is 1.73 and BAA is .195.

Good luck...Larry


Age: 67 (turns 68 in November).

Years in handicapping: Larry entered his 38th year as a professional handicapper in September of 2021.

Achievements in handicapping: 1985 Castaway’s Pro Football Challenge Champion, then the most prestigious handicapping contest in Las Vegas; 1999 Stardust Invitational semi-finalist.

A member of the original cast of Proline (began in 1985), the nation’s longest running pre-game handicapping show on the USA-TV network (also hosted Sports Desk on the same network from 1996-98). In then joined the panel of The Winning Edge in the early 2000s. Although well-known on TV for his expert game analysis and no-nonsense handicapping style, Larry may be best known for his radio work. He hosted his own syndicated call-in radio show, Sports Central. It aired live from Bally's Casino in Las Vegas in the early to mid-90s and at one time was heard in more than 100 markets.

Systems used for handicapping a game: Fundamental and statistical analysis. "I'm not typically a trend and system kind of guy," Ness says. "I look at team strengths and weaknesses and compare them. It’s an all-encompassing thing and over 35-plus years, you get good at it."

Star Ratings: 9 and 10*s are considered "Best Bets." All other plays are rated between 6 and 8*s, depending on strength and/or price.

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38-Club Play: It represents Larry's 38 years in the business and gets his highest star rating (10*s). Expect no more than one of these plays per month, per sport during the regular season.

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Game of the Month and Game of the Year Plays: Always rated 10*s. Las Vegas Insider: Throughout his 36 years "in the business," Larry has become known as "the ultimate Las Vegas insider." The contacts he's developed over more than three decades (on both sides of the 'counter'), are arguably "unmatched!" He confers daily with 'his 'friends' and when "all the stars align on the same game," Larry releases an exclusive Las Vegas Insider (rated between 7 and 10*s).

Oddsmaker's Error Plays: Larry uses this term with "great respect" (and not very often), as he counts among his very closest friends many of Las Vegas' most famous and respected Sport Book directors (past and present). However, when Larry feels "the line is significantly off," he'll release one of these "not to be missed" plays (rated 9 or 10*s).

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Quote: "No one works any harder and my work-product speaks for itself," Ness says. "I have a no-nonsense style and my logic is easy to follow. Anyone buying my plays will know exactly what I was thinking when I made the selection. After 34 years, the Larry Ness brand is instantly recognizable and my analysis ranks with the best in the industry."