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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Apr 16, 2024
Rockies vs Phillies
-1½ -110 at linepros
Play Type: Top Premium

Rotation #954: MLB Tuesday Philadelphia Phillies Run Line -1.5 -110 vs Colorado Rockies @ 6:40 ET - The Rockies, with the extra innings loss in Philly yesterday, have dropped to 4-13 on the season and 2-9 in road games. Colorado is now 24-68 in road games since the start of last season. They are one of the worst teams in baseball year after year when away from Coors Field. Though yesterday's game was decided by a single run, the Rockies first 8 road losses this season featured 7 by a multi-run margin. The value here is on the run line as we get a pick'em price by taking the Phillies on the run line to win this game by 2 or more runs. Those 7 losses by a multi-run margin came by an average margin of defeat of 6.4 runs! No strangers to blowout defeats away from home, the Rockies are in trouble again here. The Phillies bats have not been as strong as usual early this season but Colorado's Austin Gomber has struggled in 2 of his 3 outings this season. The southpaw had his worst start of the season thus far on the road at Arizona. Since coming to the Rockies Gomber actually has had two season with a ROAD ERA of 5.98 or more! So the ups and downs of Gomber have not just been because of a tough home venue at Coors Field. Now he faces a Phillies lineup that has underperformed so far this season but still is stacked compared to most teams. The Rockies have been held to 3 or less runs in 8 of 11 road games this season! In those 8 games they have averaged only 1.4 runs scored per game. They face a tough lefty as Ranger Suarez has been great so far this season and is not allowing many hits. Just 9 hits allowed in 17 innings and Suarez faced a hot Pirates team and a stellar Braves lineup for 2 of his 3 starts. He can shut down the Rockies here and Colorado's road struggles continue. Gomber gave up quite a bit of hard contact in his most recent start and, remember, that is his only quality outing so far this season. This is a great spot for the Phillies lineup to get rolling and the Rockies just can't keep up here. PHILADELPHIA -1.5 -110

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Apr 16, 2024
Capitals vs Flyers
-130 at linepros
Play Type: Free

Rotation #2 NHL Tuesday Free Play Philadelphia Flyers Money Line -130 vs Washington Capitals @ 7 ET - I will start releasing NHL premium picks again with the start of the NHL playoffs on Saturday. Until then, look for some free plays from me in NHL right here on a daily basis through the final day of the regular season Thursday. In this match-up Tuesday, the key is that the Flyers are still alive in the post-season race but they must win this game plus get a little help. One thing that is already helping Philly in this match-up is that the Capitals are hurting in terms of defensemen plus are in the 2nd game of a B2B. It is a bit of a miracle that the Caps shut out Boston last night considering they had to make use of young defenders. Also, a long-time veteran Carlson had to log nearly 30 minutes of ice team! Washington, in the 2nd game of a B2B, will struggle with fatigue here even though this game is very important to them. Emotion can only take you so far and the hungry Flyers will have the fresher legs in this one plus they have the home ice edge. Philly still needs the Red Wings to lose at Montreal tonight and the Penguins to lose at the Islanders tomorrow. That said, they are helped by those being road games for those teams but they are also hurt by lack of motivation for each of those two hosts. In any event, Flyers do know that nothing else matters if they do not win this game. They need to win in regulation as well so, for those of you with access to the regulation line, you may want to consider that option here. The Flyers are off B2B wins and look like a different team again and they won't stop fighting here. Capitals run out of gas as this game goes on and the Flyers pull away. Free Play PHILADELPHIA -130

Matchup Selection W/L
Soccer  |  Apr 16, 2024
Paris Saint-Germain vs Barcelona FC
OVER 3 -135 Won
Play Type: Top Premium

Rotation #224217: UEFA Champions League Tuesday OVER 3 -135 in Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain @ 3 PM ET - In the first leg, Barcelona held Mbappe in check and yet PSG still scored two goals. I expect some adjustments from the PSG side to free up Mbappe a little more in the second leg. Down 3-2 on the aggregate, Paris Saint-Germain must be aggressive on the attack here but Barcelona also certainly has the firepower on the counter-attack to make them pay for an aggressive style. We have to lay a little extra juice to have this total at over 3 goals but I can't see this match ending with anything less than that! Barcelona has scored an average of 2.4 goals in their last 24 matches on their home pitch. The Barcelona manager said that this one is about two clubs that both like to play on the front foot. The PSG manager is saying they must attack and be aggressive here in the rematch and he felt they deserved at least a draw in the first match. Actually, a 2-2 draw is the type of battle I am expecting here in the second leg. With PSG down a goal and on the road, they will be aggressive from the outset in this one. PSG has scored 7 goals in its last 3 meetings with Barcelona. In terms of current form, PSG has scored in 8 consecutive matches across all competitions and has averaged scoring 2.4 goals per match during this stretch. Another 3-2 battle or 2-2 at least should be expected here. Mbappe will be stronger in the rematch and the visitors will be on the attack which forces the tempo of this match and the hosts match them goal for goal. OVER 3 -135 in Barcelona

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Apr 16, 2024
Warriors vs Kings
+135 at linepros
Play Type: Top Premium

Rotation #544 NBA Tuesday Sacramento Kings +135 vs Golden State Warriors @ 10 PM ET - In typical contrarian fashion, I am fading the line move here. This line opened up at nearly a pick'em and, as expected, everyone has jumped all over the Warriors in this one in terms of market analytics. Golden State has a long-term reputation and the star power that leads to them often being over-valued. That is the case here in my opinion. Other than Steph Curry, the other Warriors just are not what they used to be. Yes, the Kings are without Monk and Huerter but they have been without one for two weeks and the other for a month. So they have had time to adjust. They are still loaded with talent and Fox, Sabonis, Murray and Barnes will lead the way here. I also like the fact that Ellis has responded well to his increased playing time and he averaged 15 ppg in the last 4 games. Also, he is a solid defender and of course Fox is known for his perimeter defense as well in addition to being a big-time scorer. The Kings also are not the only one with injuries as the Warriors Payton is out for this one and his absence weakens the Golden State bench for this one. The Warriors finished the season hot but their last two home wins were against a Jazz team that finished 31-51 on the season. Also, Golden State's last 5 road wins included only one win against a playoff-level team (Lakers) and the other 4 were against 22-60 San Antonio, 41-41 Houston, 21-61 Charlotte and 21-61 Portland. So for all the hype about the Warriors strong season finish, they had 4 last season wins over teams that finished 40 games under .500 and two wins over a Utah team that finished 20 games under .500 on the season. Also, the Warriors were better on the road this season but they entered this season having finished a combined 41 games under .500 the last 4 seasons combined when on the road. Last year in the post-season Golden State went just 2-5 SU on the road but those two wins were against the Kings in a 7-game thriller that knocked Sacramento out of the post-season. This is payback! No points needed! SACRAMENTO +135

Matchup Selection W/L
Soccer  |  Apr 17, 2024
Real Madrid vs Manchester City
Manchester City
-153 at linepros
Play Type: Top Premium

Rotation #224226: Champions League Wednesday Manchester City Money Line -153 vs Real Madrid @ 3 ET - Real Madrid, of course, is a top club and they have been enjoying plenty of success. However, this Manchester City club is on an incredible run on their home pitch plus they are the healthier club heading into this match-up. It looks like City should have all hands on deck for this one while Real Madrid has been without guys like Alaba and Courtois. Militao is back now for Real Madrid but is still not fully fit. Also, Tchouameni is out due to accumulating too many yellow cards. Yes, Real Madrid are on a 15-match unbeaten run but City is unbeaten in 27 consecutive matches! Not only that, on their home pitch, Manchester City is unbeaten in 41 straight matches! Of course a draw here means a loss for us but I do not expect City to allow this match to get way from them and they put it away comfortably during regulation time. The last time Manchester City hosted Real Madrid they prevailed 4-0. This one will not be so easy but City will pull away as this match goes on. City was a bit sloppy at the back in the draw at Real Madrid but they will shore that up here at home plus some of their key players that had mediocre games in the away match will come up big here at home. It is much different for Real Madrid trying to be so strong on the counter-attack when you are away compared to at home. Couple that with the attacking prowess of City and I look for Real Madrid to be pushed back on their heels from the get-go in this one. The hosts are worth the price here. MANCHESTER CITY -153


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