Sports Betting – Going against the Public can be Lucrative

Written by superuser | November 17, 2018

Sports Betting – Going against the Public can be Lucrative


The busy season is here and you may find yourself caught up in a betting rut as so many bettors often do. There is so much to bet on and so many games, it can be a bit overwhelming and mind-numbing to say the least. There are a few trick of the trade that we want to shar with you and it’s certainly not a cure all but the tricks can certainly be a help.


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Think about the “big six” and when we say “big six” we mean the NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NBA, NHL and MLB. These six leagues are the most bet on leagues in all of sports. Of course, there are tons of other sports to bet on such as golf, tennis, boxing, the MMA, auto racing, horse racing, soccer, and more. The betting options with most of the online bookies are vast and like we said, it can be overwhelming.


The NFL:

In the NFL you have two major betting options, the spread and the money line. Most folks think of the money line as a sure fire way to win the bet and in fact, most folks think they can call the NFL straight up, on a weekly basis. That’s where you would be wrong. The NFL is not as easy as it looks and calling it straight up can be just as difficult as betting against the spread. The trick with the NFL is realizing that the underdogs cover more than 35% of the time so knowing what the underdogs are capable of from week to week is a big deal. For several years now the Patriots have been the betting favorite for many and they have been a solid bet but certainly not every week.


Stay away from national games. The Patriots tend to play very well on national TV and they are hard to beat, stay away from the best and most popular teams. Find underdogs that bring value to the + number. The popular thing in the NFL is to bet the TV games. Who care if they were on TV if you got the win? The public will always bet these games and as a result, Vegas has learned to set the lines accordingly. They set the lines according to how the public perceives the game to go. Guess what? It usually goes the other way.


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The oddsmakers hit on most of the numbers in colleges football. The sport is much easier than the NFL and the big favorites usually cover, just the opposite in the NFL. Last week, the Chiefs were -16.5 favorites over the Cardinals and they lost! They won the game but lost the spread. The Cardinals were a great underdog bet.


No matter what sport you bet on, one thing is for certain. The odds are set as an appeal to the public. Always find a great online handicapper that can help you with betting direction and free sports picks. This will be well worth your time. Don’t go it alone. This is how sharp players became sharp, getting advise from folks that knew more than they did.


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In the NHL, betting the underdog is king. The underdog wins more than 50% of the time and you will always do just as well betting this way if you have taken time to handicap the games. Betting against the public in big sporting events is often a great bet. The public is easily swayed to the other direction and the bookie need this. Know who you are betting and why you are betting them, never bet a game because everyone likes it.