NHL Hockey Betting – Betting Periods

Written by superuser | November 1, 2018

NHL Hockey Betting – Betting Periods

The 2018 NHL season has started with a bang and it’s hard to believe that we are 4 weeks deep. There has been some outstanding play from more than a few teams and some miserable play from equally as many. Smart bettors know that the NHL is the place to play for the real money, the solid bets and the sustainable income. There are two sports that smart gamblers look at first, horse racing and the NHL. Baseball is a close second to hockey but the nice thing about the NHL is the schedule, there is room to breathe! Sports bettors need this room from time to time, you can’t bet everything all of the time or you will end up losing more than winning and winning is the bottom line. No matter what, you can’t win them all, but with some planning and solid preparation, you can win in the high 50 percentile and that’s right where you want to be.

Best Bettor – Consistent Winning Means Having More than One Sportsbook

Finding a fantastic sportsbook that caters to the NHL is the number one most important thing that you can do if you want to win consistently. Great lines and odds are a must in this business and every penny that you can save, will be a penny earned somewhere down the line. Find an online sportsbook that caters not only to the NHL but to American players. This is important. You want the assurance that you can call your bookie if there is a problem or call them for any reason. A toll free number is mandatory, do not choose a bookie that doesn’t offer one.

Handicappers and Sports Forums – Wise Guys Use Them

Betting options and wagering menus are a big deal in hockey. The NHL is a great sport to bet on when you have options. Does your current bookie make the grade in this area? Do not sell yourself short when it comes to options. If you play this smart, you will win a lot of money this season but you must diversify when it comes to betting. What it means to diversify is to play more than the money line, puck line or totals. If these are your only NHL betting habits, then you are most likely on the downhill side of 50% and that is no good.

Period betting is something that every serious NHL player should be betting. If you want to win and have fun while doing so, then absolutely bet the periods. Hockey is an up and down game that goes in waves. You may see any given team score three goals in 5 minutes or go the entire game and score with 30 seconds left on the play clock.

How to Bet On Hockey – Betting on the NHL Total Line

The trick to betting hockey is knowing the teams, knowing who to bet for and who to bet against. There are great teams to consistently bet for and others, you probably want to stay away from. Take a look at the latest betting stats as of October 29th:

NHL ATS Trends
Road Teams: 69-78 46.94%, Home Teams: 78-69 53.06%, Favorites: 57-90 38.78%. Underdogs: 90-57, 61.22%, Road Favorites: 11-32 25.58%, Road Underdogs: 58-46 55.77%, Home Favorites: 46-48 44.23%
Home Underdogs: 32-11 74.42%, Over & Under Trends: Overtime Games: 19 Overs- 54.29% 16 Unders- 45.71%, Regular Time Games: 48 Overs- 44.86% 59 Unders- 55.14%, Total Games: 67 Overs- 47.18% Unders- 75- 52.82%.

You must handicap the games that you want to bet on. There is no other way to win playing the NHL. Find a great online handicapping site that offers all of the best handicappers in one place. Most of these type of sites are free or at the very least, they offer a free trial for an extended period of time.

Best Bettor – The Beginners Guide to Betting on Hockey

Find a bookie that offers all three periods. Many of the sites only offer the first period, some offer 2 periods but very few offer all three. Find them and bet them. Betting on all three periods is a way to make a lot of money on the NHL. Do your research; find out what teams are scoring in what periods and what teams are giving up the most goals. If you take this advice, you will see a drastic change in the size of your bankroll for the better.