Get what you pay for in A Handicapper

Written by superuser | March 14, 2018

Get what you pay for in A Handicapper


Handicapping comes a “dime a dozen” they are everywhere and who can possibly know who is worth listening to or paying for the advice. It’s your money, you work hard for it and you are spending it on an investment. Don’t throw it away on this year’s tournament.


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First thing is first.


Find a great online sportsbook. Is your bookie making the grade? If you are like most sports gamblers, then you probably have more than one online sportsbook and that is the right thing to do. A smart gambler, a sharp gambler does this. You must have more than one sportsbook in your portfolio and you must have bookies that meet your gaming needs. Now is the time to get your gambling act together and find the best bookies on the internet.


How do you know who is the best?


Ask yourself some questions, (and do it quickly) the NCAA Tournament starts today.


  1. Does your bookie have an outstanding reputation for paying out and paying out quickly?
  2. Do they offer all of the best bonuses in the business and are they fair?
  3. What about rollovers, do they tag you with unnecessary rollover that is impossible to out from under?


Rollovers: Remember this. Rollovers are a part of any online bookmaker’s protocol. You will never get away from some kind of rollover. The question is; are they fair? Do they work with you on an individual basis and is your bookie willing to offer you a fair deal – We offer our customers the finest online sports gaming experience


Are Bonuses worth the rollover?


Absolutely they are. It is a common misnomer that sharp players never take a bonus. It is just that, a misnomer. This is simply not true. Sharp players play online and avoid flying to Vegas every weekend because they can’t get a bonus in a Las Vegas sportsbook. Sharp players know that taking bonus money is valuable and they can win a stock pile of money off of a great bonus. Bonuses are meant to tie up the gambler in red tape and in a never ending hassle. Sharp players know that this can be beaten. The trick when taking a bonus is to take a bonus that fits your individual spending needs. Bonuses are worth taking simply because you can beat the rollover with two or three wins and then you’re in the money.



  1. Does your online sportsbook specialize in the sport you like to play? You may need and/or want a bookie for every sport you play. This is worth the extra work. Make them work for you and make your investment payoff this March Madness season.
  2. What about customer service, do they offer it? Can you pick up the phone from the United States and call an 800 number and speak with a representative in English?





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Do not sell yourself shot this year. Find a great online sportsbook and find a great handicapping service that has a great reputation and a great record for picking and handicapping games. There are great services available such as Game Advisers. Some of them come with great reputations and the very best handicappers on the internet. Get help this year. Knowing who will win all of the games or even some of the games is close to impossible. Handicappers do this for a living, they have done the homework so that you don’t have to